Happy Halloween

Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm probably not going to get time to post later on today, so I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Hallowe'en. Yes, sometimes this time of year is annoying, goodness knows that the teenagers drive me round the twist, but that's not all there is to Hallowe'en.

This is a time to look back, to remember our ancestors and how we got to where we are today. So take a minute or two at some point and just remember those who have gone before you, those who aren't with you any more, at least not in any physical way.

Who knows, if you talk to them tonight, maybe, just maybe, they'll talk back.

Teen Drama Queen

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I was only going to do one post today but TDQ has annoyed me enough to actually do another.

I'm fairly sure I used to have a nice daughter, I think she actually even listened to me occasionally. I'm positive that I raised her to be polite and respectful and to play nicely with others. Why then, has this charming little minion of mine, spontaneously morphed into someone more akin to Gollum?

It seems as though it's happened overnight. No more 'you're brilliant mum!', no more 'you're a genuis!', oh no, now it's more like, 'You suck! How did you get to be so old when you don't know anything?'

There's been a lot of shouting lately in this house thanks to that. I don't want to raise my voice, I don't like doing that because it means that I'm losing the argument before I've even started but for whatever reason, I simply cannot help boiling over and yelling.

More than that, she's hitting her younger brother and that's something I won't tolerate no matter what. Currently, she's on no pocket money and sitting in a bedroom that literally only contains books and clothes (ETA: and a bed obviously, I'm not that cruel). Anything that could remotely be considered fun has been removed and won't be put back until she can behave herself for more than five seconds together. Obviously I'm now the Wicked Witch and to be perfectly honest, it's a role I was born to play.

I know I was horrid as a teenager, I know I made my mum's life hell at times, but I didn't think that when she cursed me, it would actually come true. You all know the curse, 'I hope you have children and when you do, they grow up to be just like you!'

Yeah, I got hit with that but I'm fairly sure that TDQ has surpassed me in sheer levels of stroppiness and attitude. There has got to be a solution to this that doesn't involve yelling and removing everything from her bedroom. If only to stop piles of toys being dropped into a corner laid around my bedroom in aesthetically pleasing positions.

Got to love Sundays.


Okay, no you don't, especially when you live next to a bloody church. Yeah, the bastards kept ringing their bells at me this morning until I finally gave up with sleeping. Normally I quite like the fact that I'm in a place where you can hear church bells ringing merrily away, just not today. I haven't had enough sleep to enjoy them today, so I bitched at them from the comfort of my house.

After seven  a few cups of coffee, I felt a little closer to being human so I crept out of the pit of doom A.K.A. my bedroom. It's not really that bad, but it used to be until I learned to tidy up hence the name, and it's sort of stuck. Now I'm just sat here, on the laptop, watching Mr. S run around doing a painting job for my neighbour. I'm nice like that. He did ask why I wasn't helping him and I pointed out that I was, I was the foreman 'cause every job needs one of those. He just gave me an evil look. Can't think why.

I'm off to surf Mumsnet some more and give my opinion on random things that don't remotely concern me and in areas I have no clue about. I'm nice like that too.



I've started blogs all over the place, some of them are actually still going, but for each and every one of them, I pull on a persona, be it professional or part of that niche that I fit into. There's nowhere really that I can just sit back and bitch and let it all hang out as it were. That's where this blog comes in. I know the title is ridiculously melodramatic, but as we tend to let our 'real' selves out in the dark, the title seems fitting.

I reckon I should probably record something about me as I am, precisely at this moment, so that if some random person stumbles across this place, they'll at least know who the hell is talking to them.

At this moment, I'm 30, I have two children and a husband and a tendency to swear like a trooper. I like coffee and chocolate, although not necessarily in that order, and I like to write stories. People even read them sometimes. I don't work at this moment in time thanks to some health issues but they should be sorted out soon and I'll be hunting down anything and everything that even remotely hints at being employment.

I have a mother, like most people, two brothers who hate each other but will tolerate me, and other assorted family members that may, or may not, turn up here as and when required.

I really don't care if you approve of the way I am, I really don't mind if you think my parenting skills leave a lot to be desired. All I will say is, if you don't like me, or this blog, piss off and find someone fluffier than I am to read because here, in this place, I'm not going to censor myself for anyone.